Fish sausage is a value added fish product in which fish meat is mixed with additives such as starch, sugar, salt, spices and fat; then stuffed into suitable casings and heat processed. Fish sausages add cooking convenience and value to nutritional benefits. Both fresh water and marine, white fleshed, lean fishes are prepared. The main tropical fish species used are threadfin breed (Nemiptereus spp.), big eye snapper (Priacanthus spp.), croakers (Pennahia and johmius spp.), lizard fish (saurida spp.) and goat fish (Upenius spp.) .

* Dress the fish after heading, gutting and washing thoroughly.

* Prepare fish mince either manually or using a mechanical meat bone separator.

* Mix mince with additives (starch, sugar, salt, spices, fat).

* Stuff the sausage mix into casings (natural casings, synthetic non-edible and edible casings).

* Ring/Seal casings and wash.

* Heat the sausage at 88-90oC for 40-60 minutes.

* Cool it at 15oC for 15 minutes and allow surface drying.

* Label the sausage and store it.


Storage period

* Normally the sausages are stored at refrigerated temperatures for two weeks. It has a shelf life of more than 6 months under frozen storage. Heat processed sausages can be stored at room temperature upto one year.

Upscaling of Fish Sausage