Prawn Chutney Powder is a traditional food product made from Dried prawns, Bengal and Black Grams, Coconut, Curry leaves and Other Spices. This is in powder form and it is a very good combination with Rice, Chapathi, Tuber Crops, Bread etc.

Dried Prawn Preparation

* Properly wash and clean the prawn

* Dip cleaned prawn in the water mixed with Citric Acid (2%) and Salt (1%) for 10 minutes

* Dry the cleaned prawn either in open sun light or dryers

Chutney Base Preparation

* Properly wash and clean Bengal Gram and Black Gram; Fry it separately and powder it separately.

* Fry grated Coconut, cleaned Red Chilly, Coriander and Curry leaves together till gets brown colour. Powder it after cooling.

* Mix Tamarind with little Bengal Gram powder in the mixer grinder.

* Properly mix all the above powdered ingredients with sufficient amount of salt to get Chutney base.

Prawn Chutney Powder Preparation

* Fry cleaned and dried prawn without oil and powder it in the mixer grinder.

* Mix properly Chutney base with Prawn powder (15-20 % of chutney base) to get Chutney powder.

* Chutney powder can be stored in sealed LD-HD polythene covers for up to six months.

Upscaling of Prawn Chutney