Fish nugget is a fish product made from fish meat which is breaded or battered, then deep-fried or baked until the batter has set and the outside reaches the desired colour. Fish nuggets are having higher nutrient and health values compared to other type of nuggets.

Processing of Fish Nuggets

* Dress the fish and take fillet.

* make a paste of garlic and ginger.

* Mix with the other ingredients and make a uniform paste.

* Spread evenly on a tray and keep it for setting in chiller(2-3 0C).

* Use mould to prepare bite-sized pieces (nuggets) and freeze.

* After freezing pre-dust with batter powder and dip in batter solution using a bamboo stick and then roll in bread crumbs and fry in oil.(Batter ratio 1:2)

Method of Batter Preparation

* Ingredients serially numbered from 8 to 14 are required for batter mix.

* The ingredients like American flour (maida), corn flour, bengal gram, salt, guar gum and turmeric powder should mix well to get dry batter mix.

* Add potable water to the dry batter mix in the 1:2 (dry batter : water) ratio to get batter mix.

Upscaling of Fish Nuggets