Fish momo is a steamed dumpling filled with fish meat and other ingredients. Dumpling is made from variety of starch sources wrapped around the fish filling. This food item originated from south Asia and became popular in north eastern and other parts of India.

Preparation of Brine Solution

* Ingredients serially numbered from 2 to 4 are required for Brine Solution

* Take 1.2 litre of potable water; add 36 gm (3%) salt and 1.2 gm (0.1%) citric acid to the water. Mix the solution properly to get brine solution.

Processing of Fish Momo

* Dress the fish after heading, gutting and washing thoroughly.

* Cook the dressed fish in 3% brine for 10 minutes and drain.

* Remove skin and bones and separate the meat.

* Finely chop all filling ingredients and fry onion to slight yellowish brown.

* Add ginger, green chilly paste and fry for few minutes.

* Add garlic paste and garam masala.

* Mix well with cooked fish meat and add chopped coriander leaves and salt.

* Make small chapathi with maida and fill it with the fried mix.

* Fry/steam and use.

Upscaling of Fish Momo