Fish Kure is a fish based extruded food product and have application as snack food. Usually, extruded products are prepared using cereal flour, which have less protein content and are limited in some essential amino acid. By incorporating protein-rich fish mince instead of cereal, the product is protein enriched snack food. The production process involves fish meat is mixed with cereal flours, spices and salt and extruded using a twin screw extruder. The dried and coated products are then packed in metalized polyester polyethylene pouches using nitrogen gas filling and the product is acceptable up to 3 months at ambient temperature.

* Wash and clean the fish thoroughly with potable water.

* Separate the meat either manually or using meat bone separator .

* Take required quantity of feed ingredients like cereal flours, fish mince, salt and spices etc.

* Mix the ingredients properly and add required amount of water to make up the moisture level while mixing.

* Keep the feed ingredients for about 45 minutes at 20oC temperature for moisture equilibration.

* Adjust the temperature of the extruder barrel to get the minimum temperature at the feeder end and maximum at the dye end .

* Feed the feed mix into the extruder at 200g/minute with an extrusion temperature of 140oC at the dye end with a screw speed of 380 rpm.

* Coat the obtained product with taste maker in coating pan (1 KG product is coated with 100 gm taste maker with 50ml hot refined vegetable oil).

* The final product is then packed in pouch made of 12μ metalized polyester film laminated with 60μ polythene with nitrogen gas filling.

Upscaling of Fish Kure