Fish soup is a liquid food prepared from fishes of low economic value by adding required vegetables and other ingredients. Fish soup is rich in dietary constituents like protein, vitamin, fat and minerals. Fish soup is an alternative to other soups prepared from different materials like vegetables, meat, egg, chicken etc. by considering health benefits.

* Clean and dress whole fish. Cook dressed fish for 15 minutes and drain off the water.

* Remove skin, scales and bones and separate the meat.

* Disperse the processed fish meat in about 200 ml of water and blend the material in a waring blender.

* Cut the onion into small pieces separately and fry it in vegetable fat oil till gets light brown.

* Add powdered coriander and pepper to brown fired onion and stir it.

* Remove it from the fire.

* Add the fried onion and all other ingredients other than milk powder to the blended fish.

* Again blend the mix till it becomes a thick fine paste.


* Pour the whole mass in thin layer in aluminium trays and dry in artificial dryer at about 700C.

* Powder the dried mass and then add the skimmed milk powder.

* Then powder it well to get a homogeneous product.

* Pack the soup powder in airtight, polythene lined, aluminium foil bags or in cans .

* Thus the fish soup powder will have a storage life of one year.

Preparation of Soup for Consumption.

Add soup powder to 20 times more amount of water and boil it for 5 minutes. For example, boil 5 gm of soup powder in 100 ml water for 5 minutes. The soup is now ready for use.

Upscaling of Fish Soup