Fish noodles is an extruded fish product. Asian countries have undergone significant evolution and migration on account of its increased globalization. Upgradations in the fish noodle formulations and their processing techniques by the Chinese together with the sophisticated technology developed by the Japanese have made Asian noodles an international food product. The properties of instant fish noodles like taste, nutrition, convenience, safety, longer shelf life and reasonable price have given them global acceptance and admirations by all generations.

* Clean, wash and dress the fish.

* Remove bone and skin either manually or mechanically.

* Mince the meat using a mincer

* Mix the minced fish meat with wheat flour, american flour (maida), potato starch, salt, guar gum and sodium tripolyphoshate in a silent cutter for 1 minute to distribute the ingredients uniformly.

* Condition the noodle flour mixture for 40 minutes at 25 °C for relaxation.

* After this, cold extrude the noodle flour mixture through a die of 1.0 mm diameter in noodle making machine to get a smooth dough strand with continuous and uniform gluten matrix.

* Steam the extruded raw noodle strands for 5 minutes for protein denaturation and gelatinisation of the starch.

* Then dry the steamed noodles in hot air drier at a temperature of 70–80 °C for 2 hours.

* Pack the noodles in polyethylene bags and store in room temperature.


The amount of water was optimized to around 36%, and as fish meat mince was incorporated for noodle preparation, only extra amount of water was added after considering the moisture present in fish mince.

Upscaling of Fish Noodles