Value addition is the best method for better utilization of the under-utilized fishes. Value addition also helps to convert the by-catch into diversified and sophisticated fish products. Fish cutlet is one of such products and it is specifically refers to cooked fish meat stuffing that is fried with battered and breaded.

* Clean and dress whole fish.

* Cook dressed fish in 3% brine solution for 15 minutes and drain off the water.

* Remove skin, scales and bones and separate the meat.

* In case of Fish mince, cook it in boiling water for 10 minutes and drain off the water.

* Add salt and turmeric to the cooked meat and mix well.

* Clean and cook the potato.

* Fry chopped onions in oil till brown. Fry chilly and ginger separately. Mix these with the cooked meat.

* Add smashed potato and spices and mix well with meat.

* Shape 40g each of this in oval or round form, dip in batter mix, roll in bread crumbs, freeze it and store at -180C.

* Thaw and fry in oil before use.

Preparation of Brine Solution .

* Ingredients serially numbered from 2 to 4 are required for Brine Solution

* Take 1.2 litre of potable water; add 36 gm (3%) salt and 1.2 gm (0.1%) citric acid to the water. Mix the solution properly to get brine solution.

Method of Batter Preparation

* Ingredients serially numbered from 16 to 22 are required for batter mix.

* The ingredients like American flour (maida), corn flour, bengal gram, salt, guar gum and turmeric powder should mix well to get dry batter mix.

* Add potable water to the dry batter mix in the 1:2 (dry batter : water) ratio to get batter mix.

Upscaling of Fish Cutlets