Fish burgers are more or less similar to fish cutlets but less spicy. White meat mince from lean fish is generally used for burger preparation. Cooked mince is mixed with salt, cooked potato, fried onion, flour, spice mixture and formed into the preferred shape. Generally, the starch content is to be kept below 15% and the meat content not be less than 30% for ensuring a meaty flavour.

* Dress the fish after heading , gutting and washing thoroughly.

* Prepare fish mince either manually or using a mechanical meat bone separator.

* Cook the fish mince.

* Chop carrot, onion and garlic separately.

* Mix all other ingredients and vegetables to the cooked mince meat.

* Make a paste of all the ingredients and spread uniformly over steel trays.

* Freeze for 30 minutes.

* Cut the frozen block into flat round shape of about 5 cm diameter using mold.

* Dip in batter mix.

* Roll over bread crumbs.

* Flash fry for 30 seconds at 180 0C (optional).

* Place vegetables like sliced tomato, sliced cucumber, sliced capsicum, cabbage, mayonnaise and lettuce along with the patties in the sandwiched buns .

Method of Batter Preparation

* Ingredients serially numbered from 11 to 17 are required for batter mix.

* The ingredients like American flour (maida), corn flour, bengal gram, salt, guar gum and turmeric powder should mix well to get dry batter mix.

* Add potable water to the dry batter mix in the 1:2 ratio (dry batter : water) to get batter mix.


* Burgers are packed in polyester polyethylene laminates or high impact polypropylene trays. They can be subjected to sous vide technology and stored at 2 oC for few weeks or frozen at -40 oC and stored at -18 oC for longer duration.

* Burgers are fried in oil and eaten sandwiched with fresh vegetables and plain buns. They can be consumed as such with sauce.

Upscaling of Fish Burger